“I am not a job seeker, I am a job-creator”: the innovative social seed methodological guide to design a social incubator for groups at risk of exclusion.

The Social SEED partnership is glad to announce the conclusion of the first phase of the project, during which a methodological guide to design a social incubator for people at risk of exclusion has been produced as first output. With the support of private companies, the project proposes an innovative approach to social incubators, creating a bond of interconnection between the world of business and socially disadvantaged groups. Entrepreneurship is thus the key, the opportunity to transform radically one’s own path. As expressed by economist Muhammad Yunus and cited in our title People should wake up and say “I am not a job seeker, I am a job-creator”.

In order to achieve this intellectual output, specific activities of theorical and empirical research has been carried out, in order to detect and analyse the current situations with a specific focus on the needs and limitations of these groups.

In this regard, the Project coordinator Álvaro Gil Vilacoba said:

“The strategic partnership has analysed existing incubators in Europe to determine the main characteristics that a project of this type should have. Factors such as the optimal incubation period, the number of projects incubated per call or the offer of training content has been determined and will be considered in future actions. The type of relationship that should exist between the different members of the incubator and the main tools that will be used in the training process has also been determined. At the same time, the current offer of public incubators has been analysed and the difficulties that our target group must face in direct competition with other people”.

The main results of researches above mentioned, put in evidence that the enterprise creation is a complicated mission, during which are requires many resources, a wide network and a lot of skills and knowledges. In addition to this, challenging situations that people at risk of exclusion may face must be considered, due to health and economic factors, as well as to training and connections resources.
According to this view, it has been highlighted what social incubators must consider, designing their support to people at risk of exclusion with a well-considered and technical approach.
This process of analysis also shed some light on the direction to follow and on the tools to use in the project next steps, during which the incubation methodology will be validated in order to create new opportunities and new development models based on inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

A short version of the Intellectual Output 1 is now available, which shows the main findings for each of the established activities. It’s possible to download the document in English, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish at the link: https://socialseedproject.eu/outputs/

Moreover, in the following link it’s possible to download the whole document, that collects all relevant aspects related to the creation of a social incubator for groups at risk of exclusion https://socialseedproject.eu/download/175.

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