SOCIAL SEED aims To develop and share 4 Intellectual Outputs

  1. How to create a social incubator
    Analyse best practices in Europe, structuring ideal incubator phases, timing, limitations, risks management of people with socially excluded backgrounds.
  2. Design of formative content course for socially excluded groups to entrepreneur.
    Existing courses will be analyzed an upgraded to create adequate knowledge for the needs for those collectives.
  3. Pilot incubator validation paper
    It will be validate it working with 15 entrepreneurs coming from excluded backgrounds who will work on micro-niche business opportunities identified by private companies. It will reveal the partnership the most nuclear information of SOCIAL SEED.
  4. eLearning Course
    Previous Outputs will lead to an elearning course, which will bring together NGOs, public administrations y companies over Europe to create a new business model of cooperation between private companies & NGOs.