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The Social Seed project, which started in November 2019, during its various phases built and tested a new methodology to support business creation for people at risk of social exclusion, taking into account the national contexts and opportunities of the project partner countries. In November 2021, progress and main achievements were shared and discussed during dedicated events in the different partner countries. The aim of these events was to present the project’s outcomes with strategic stakeholders,
such as NGO workers working on the integration of people at risk of social exclusion, private companies, public organisations and sectors of the country’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

The participation of these relevant organisations had a twofold benefit: on the one hand, it allowed to share the innovative products of Social Seed, promoting the visibility and replicability of the methodology, and on the other hand, it allowed to stimulate a discussion on what has been achieved on the basis of the experience of the various realities involved and through a participatory approach.

The participants showed interest in the work done within the project Social Seed and appreciated the organisation of the events. During the various sessions they paid constant attention and participated with relevant observations and suggestions that will be the basis for the finalisation and conclusion of the project. A further and final multiplier event will be held in April in Spain, with the aim of disseminating internationally all the results, with an invitation to replicate the methodology of social incubation for vulnerable groups.


February 2022

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